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Due to contractural obligations as one half of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions ReDRagon (with Bobby Fish), Kyle O'Reilly will be unable to appear at the Febuary 13/14 event Battle of Honor as originally scheduled.

While we wish him the best of luck in defending the IWGP belts, you have to wonder how Adam Cole will take this news? Not only did he lose the fight for the ROH Championship at Final Battle, but now he will be coming back, alone, to the country where he won and then lost the NHPW AOF Championship over the space of 2 nights.

If the "Panama Playboy" still wants to compete for the Headshrinker Samu Legacy Cup, he's going to need to find a partner. We've gone through our archives to find some possibilities below:

Chris Vice: It's no secret that these two battled it out at Perth City Riot 2013, and one might think that Cole would hold a grudge against Vice for reclaiming the Art of Fighting Championship. However, the show of respect at the end of the night belays that, and this might be just the chance Vice needs to get into the tournament.
Team Name: Canal Smashers.

Adam Brooks: "Brooksy", as he is affectionately known to many, has been missed by the NHPW fans and crew. With his highflying, risk-taking style, and his mastery of ring psychology, the combination of the Panama Playboy and Loose Flog could be an unstoppable one, especially where it comes to the ladies' hearts.
Team Name: The Flog 'n' Slog Connection.

Grimm: With his brother out of action for the forseeable future, Grimm needs someone he can rely upon, someone of the highest calibre to fight their way to the top with. Cole definitely fits that category.
Team Name: #DemBeastBoys.

Aaron O'Malley: Who better to replace one high-flying irish battler, than another high-flying irish battler? It's not as cut and dry as that, of course. Last time Cole was here, he saw Aaron fight of Supreme Lee Great, and take David Starr to the limit before losing in the end game, and with him still holding strong onto the Hybrid Championship, he's definitely one to consider.
Team Name: Accept No Substitutions.

Felix Young: The Firefly has been seeking for a tag partner ever since August this year. At this point in time, with no lack of opponents and choice, he has been unable to find someone who fits with his unorthodox style of fighting. Cole, by contrast, has tagged with many strange an unusual people over the years, so maybe this could be just what Felix is looking for!
Team Name: The Flaming Playboys.

Whether he sets his sights on the HSLC Tournament, or whether he aims for one of NHPW's prestigious championships such as the Hybrid or AOF Championship, there's no doubt that he'll be fired up and ready to fight!

Get your tickets to this momentous event today at and receive a free event guide on the night at Battle of Honor, February 13th/14th 2015 at the Cockburn Youth Centre, 25 Wentworth Parade in Success WA!


After a gruelling 30-minute draw with the Strong Style Thugz at Final Chapter, Chris "Mimic" Basso could barely walk. Having to defend the SST Legacy Tag Team Championships on night 2 of Final Chapter added insult to literal injury, an injury that only worsened as the night progressed.

After arriving back in Adelaide, Mimic was rushed to hospital, where his knee and ankle were operated on.

Despite the surgery being a success, and being in good spirits, we have been advised that he will be out of action for an undetermined amount of time.

As the (former) SST Legacy Tag Team Champions, Mimic and Grimm, collectively known as The Basso Brothers, were eager to appear at Battle of Honor 2015, and regain some of their lost honor by becoming the first ever 3-time Headshrinker Samu Legacy Cup Tournament winners, but it appears this is not to be.

With the Basso Brothers out of the Headshrinker Samu Legacy Cup Tournament for 2015, this means we will see a guaranteed new winner. Will it be the Sex Mafia, given Jay Taylor's history as winner of the first ever HSLC Tournament, or will another team step up to the plate?

We shall see at Battle of Honor, February 13th/14th 2015 at the Cockburn Youth Centre, 25 Wentworth Parade in Success WA!

Final Chapter V - Quick Results

Here are the Quick Results for NHPW's Final Chapter V, November 21st and 22nd 2015:

Friday, 21/11/14
Aaron O'Malley def. Gorgeous Garry in a No Holds Barred Match to retain the Hybrid Championship.
Death Stallions (Jarrad Slate & Liam Mendel) def. Sex Mafia ("The Don" Michael Morleone & Lord London Hargreaves) to qualify for the 2015 Headshrinker Samu Legacy Cup Tournament.
Madison Eagles def. Saraya Knight, Evie and Demi Bennett in a 4-Way Match to claim the vacant Indygurlz Championship.
Tama Williams def. "The Messiah" Davis Storm.
Jay Taylor def. Chris Vice to retain the AOF Championship.
The Strong Style Thugz (Low Ki & Homicide) vs. The Bassos (Grimm & Mimic) went to a 30-minute time limit draw. The Bassos retained the NHPW SST Tag Team Championships as a result.

Saturday, 22/11/14
Sex Mafia ("The Don" Michael Morleone & Gorgeous Garry) def. The Bassos (Mimic & Grimm) to become the new SST Tag Team Champions.
Evie def. Demi Bennett.
Chris Vice def. Samuel Colt & London Hargreaves in a handicap match.
Aaron O'Malley def. Felix Young in a Firefly's challenge match to retain the Hybrid Championship.
Madison Eagles def. Saraya Knight to retain the Indygurlz Championship.
Strong Style Thugz (Low Ki & Homicide) & Tama Williams def. Sex Mafia (Gorgeous Garry, Michael Morleone and Jay Taylor) in a 6-Man Tag Team match.

Full Results to follow.


Perth City Riot 2014 - Show Review

The third annual Perth City Riot began with the announcement of IndyGurlz Australian Champion Mercedes Martinez having to relinquish the belt. A four woman tournament will be held a Final Chapter on November 22nd/23rd to crown a new champion. The first two competitors announce for the tournament are New Zealand's Evie and former champion Madison Eagles.

The action kicked off with a match to decide who will advance to the evening's main event Art of Fighting Title contest. “Death Stallion” Jarrad Slate would battle the odds and get the victory over Sex Mafia's Lord London Hargreaves who was accompanied ringside by “The Don” Michael Morleone.

During the contest Hargreaves and Morleone had worked over Slate's knee and following the his victory would continue to do so in an attempt to weaken him up for the main event featuring their man Jay Taylor.

Making his NHPW debut, Samuel Colt would accept Felix Young's inaugural Firefly Challenge. A veteran of WA wrestling, the Big Gun was out to make an impression in his first appearance.

The Firefly would be frustrated during the contest by his bigger opponent, leading to him to lose his temper. After Young's girlfriend Zoe Quinn attempted to interfere, she was knocked off the apron by Colt.

The Big Gun would take the advantage of the situation after Young had turned his back to make sure Zoe was OK to gain the victory. As Young and Zoe made their way to the back, Colt, not satisfied with just a win, followed and attacked the pair on the stage.

Up next was a tag team contest to decided the #1 Contenders for the Basso Brothers SST Legacy Titles. The next challengers for The Basso Brothers SST Legacy Tag Team Titles would be decided as Sex Mafia's “The Don” Michael Morleone and Lord London Hargreaves would take on the high energy duo of Hayden Zenith and Jagger Stevens, aka R.A.P.I.D.

The Mafia would gain the ascendancy early with a thought out ambush on Jagger Stevens as R.A.P.I.D made their way into the Cockburn Youth Centre. Hargreaves and Morleone proceeded to lay a vicious beatdown on Stevens, attempting to take out his knee. Although Zenith would attempt to face the Mafia 2 on 1, the numbers were far too much and even with Stevens being able to make it to the ring and pull off a surprise TKO, it was too little, too late.

Now the #1 contenders for the Basso's belts, the Don proclaimed that the Sex Mafia are “The Best Tag Team in the World”. The Mafia's attention was quickly captured by a video playing on the big screen of the returning Strong Style Thugz, Homicide and Low Ki. The Don says he “is not afraid”, but will things change when the Mafia come face-to-face with the current Impact Wrestling superstars in November?

Following intermission, NHPW owner Percy T would call out the man who retired him from wrestling, Tam Williams. Recently returned from a successful stint in Japan, Williams said he would never forget where he came from and he that he would be back for Final Chapter, before being interrupted by “The Messiah” Davis Storm.

Storm would proceed to lay down a challenge to the New Zealander for Final Chapter and that if Williams wants to prove that he's the best he has to go through the Messiah. The two men would face-off before emotions got the best of them leading to a brawl.

The Hybrid Championship was up for grabs as Sex Mafia's Gorgeous Garry challenged titleholder Aaron O'Malley once more. Two men who are no strangers to each other, once former tag team partners as Gorgeously Irish.

Garry and O'Malley would start the match in a back and forth contest, before the Gorgeous one with London Hargreaves at ringside began to use underhanded tactics to gain the upperhand. But even after the referee had been distracted by Hargreaves long enough for Garry to hit a lowblow on the champion, it wouldn't be enough. O'Malley would eventually be able to get a quick rollup on the Gorgeous one for the pinfall. Furious with the result Garry would blast the Irishman with a belt shot and stand over the fallen champion holding the belt up.

It was now time for the 3-Way Main Event contest. 'The Smashing Machine' Chris Vice was coming into the contest as a dominating champion since regaining the title 1 night after losing it to former Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla champion Adam Cole at the 2013 edition of Perth City Riot.

The bout began with all three competitors feeling each other out and looking at an opportunity to gain the advantage. For the majority of the bout it was an even contest until Vice finally looked to have things under control.

With Vice set for victory following a tombstone piledriver on Slate, the Mafia's Gorgeous Garry and Micheal Morleone made their way to the ringside and proceeded to lay a beating down on the champion. With Slate out of commission, the champion was at the mercy of the Mafia – 3 on 1.

A cutter from JT on a beaten down and broken champion was the Mafia's exclamation point and Vice was down for the three count. A stunned crowd looked on in disbelief and 1 day short of a year long reign Vice's run as champion was over. NHPW owner, Percy T emerged from the back and celebrated with the Mafia, as their plan had been perfectly executed. Vice is sure not to take this situation lying down, will he have something to say at Final Chapter?

Next Event: Final Chapter 2014, November 21st/22nd at the Cockburn Youth Centre!